Mission Statement:

DC Flooring Supplies LTD is committed to:

  • Distributing quality, branded flooring supplies to our loyal customers
  • Servicing our customers' and vendors' needs while meeting and exceeding their expectations
  • Differentiating ourselves by providing the best customer service and product knowledge
  • Creating a positive, collaborative environment to motivate employees to achieve maximum sales potential
  • Valuing long-term relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Maintaining a vision towards the future by positioning ourselves to take the lead with industry changes while maintaining our commitment to setting the standard in the industry
  • About Us:

    DC Flooring Supplies is a newly established flooring supplies distribution warehouse in Kelowna, which has strategically combined the knowledge of professional installers with a team of experienced distribution experts to pretty much make superheroes. The name DC doesn’t stand for a comic book company or “Distribution Center”. Simply put, it stands for Dennis and Chris, who are a pair of installers who felt the need to create a company that suits installer needs and carries the best professional products for the job.

    We are new, so there is no legacy to follow. We want this flooring supply distribution to thrive because of the product knowledge, customer service and quality products. Our business has been carefully designed to create efficiency to get you in and out fast with your installation materials to get to the jobsite.

    Product Lines: